My love affair...

I'm obsessed with artisan crafts, from craft beer, to local small batch coffee, to film cameras. I like the process, the skill involved and the results. It's special, unique, and even romantic. Each one of these requires a certain amount of patience and dedication to master. Film is no exception. I love the feel, the look and the timelessness of film. I started out shooting film in high school and after all these years I have returned. These are just a few of my personal photos captured on film. 

A solo hiker hikes along this embankment during a snowy day in January. Shot on Kodak BW film in South Korea.
The early bird gets the worm in this beautiful landscape sunrise photo in South Korea. This was shot on Kodak Portra 160 professional film. I still shoot film and films not dead.
This big buddha is several stories tall. Shot on my Pentax 645Nii Medium Format Camera. I used Kodak portra 400 120mm film.
The light was making some rainbow effects on this portrait shoot. This was shot on my Pentax 645nii medium format camera on Kodak Portra 400 film.
A young girl looks out over the city from this high vantage point in South Korea. This picture was captured with an old analog film camera.
Fall colors are in full effect here. I just love autumn. It's the most beautiful season to photograph. This was shot on my Canon AE-1 film camera.
A beautiful misty morning made quite the mood in this South Korea forest. This picture was taken using black and white film.
Where will you go? I take the road less traveled, it always leads to more adventures. This picture was taken on my Pentax Medium format camera.
The mountain is on fire. Shot on Portra 160 35mm film with my Canon AE-1 Film camera.
A beautiful cloudy day made for a dynamic photo with the clouds and this mountain range as a subject. Shot on my Canon AE-1 film camera.
A beautiful lake reflection shot, late in the autumn morning. It is really rare to see such beautiful mist rising off the lake like this. This was shot on my medium format film camera.
Green Tea fields in South Korea make for some beautiful landscapes, so does capturing this on Kodak Portra Film. I just love exploring new areas.
Alone in your thoughts - This photog was deep in concentration finding the right composition for his landscape shot. This gives you a good perspective of how big these pine forest trees are in South Korea.
The light was beautiful on this early morning photo shoot, I just love the different colors and patterns that this green tea field had in South Korea.
a beautiful fall reflection shot on this lake in South Korea. This was captured on my Pentax 645nii 75mm using Kodak professional portra film.
The light was gorgeous on this early morning mountain hike. This was on top of Seoraksan in South Korea after a difficult hike the day before.
A beautiful sunset on this mountain top reveals the beautiful clouds below. This was shot on my Canon film camera in South Korea.
Looking down you can see the waves crashing on the rocks. I use a 2 second exposure to get some movement in the waves and make the picture stand out a little more.
The morning light hit the side of this field and tree to create this stunning photo. This was captured on professional film and processed in South Korea.
These are my two friends that I would go hiking with and talk photography with. They were my best friends in South Korea. I was able to capture the two of them right before we left this beautiful forest spot.