A solo hiker exploring the mountains of Seoraksan in South Korea. A beautiful foggy day made for this dynamic photo. 
Big waves and a stormy day led to this long exposure coastal landscape photo. I don't have to worry about the elements with my weatherproof Fujifilm camera.  
A man and his dog are enjoying a walk along this misty morning in Northern California. Ryan Bentley Photography specializes in adventure and lifestyle shoots. 
A beautiful coastal view of this house next to a dock near San Francisco, CA.  
A dynamic mountain scene of this old asian tree.  A moody day set the tone for this landscape photo. 
A moody black and white landscape on top of a mountain. Being an adventure and lifestyle photographer I get to travel all over the world. This was shot in South, Korea
A moody winter sunrise in South Korea. It's hard to tell in this photo but it was snowing pretty hard when I was there. I'm glad my Fujifilm Camera can stand up against harsh conditions. 
A foggy morning made a for a moody landscape for this travel shot. 
A stunning long exposure of this City in Malaysia. I had a long layover in KUL so I decided to make the journey over to this popular spot, I'm so happy I did. I used a B+W 10 stop ND filter on my Fujifilm camera. 
A foggy morning revealed this beautiful landscape of dinosaur ridge in Seoraksan, South Korea. I love camping out in the wilderness and exploring new areas. 
A beautiful morning quickly turned into a stormy day on this winter coastal trip in South Korea. I love traveling with my Fujifilm digital camera it's always ready for anything.   
A popular spot in South Korea because of the 3 peaks in the water but rarely is it photographed at night.  This is a nice place to travel to if you are in the area. 
A beautiful, misty morning at this mountain vantage point in South Korea. This was a fun way to end a summer travel vacation. You can really see the dynamic range in my Fujifilm Camera. 
A beautiful Pagoda on top of a mountain over looks a city I once called home.  These are pretty popular in Asia and in Korea specifically. 
A foggy morning made for a great scene in this pine forest in South Korea. A beautiful array of trees.