Visiting the East Sea of South Korea by Ryan Bentley


Samcheok, South Korea 

This month is dedicated to the East Sea of South Korea.  This place I've captured once before last year and I was happy to return under different conditions. The rocks here and ocean waves can make for some interesting compositions while playing with the shutter speed can create some dynamic movement and painterly effects.  I hope you enjoy these more abstract photos from this trip. 


Gear used: Camera - Fujifilm X-T2; Lens - 50-140mm 2.8; Filter - Kase N64, and Kase circular polarizer; Tripod - Sirui carbon fiber T-1204XL. 

Camping in Scotland by Ryan Bentley

The Year of the Blog

Welcome to my very first blog post. This year, I have the lofty goal of updating my site once a month. I am starting this off with a digital photo-zine of sorts.  I took these images my first morning while I was camping in Scotland last year. The mist was formless and the sun wouldn’t peek through until late in the morning.  Each one of these photos on their own isn’t very strong, but as a collection, I feel, work together to paint a surreal and moody atmosphere.