South Korea's Green Tea Fields by Ryan Bentley

A beautiful sunrise overlooks the green tea fields in Boseong, South Korea.


Green Tea and Photos

Normally I'm a coffee sort of guy, but earlier this month I had the pleasure of visiting the Green Tea fields in Boseong, South Korea with my wife.  This was my second time visiting and I've always thought this would be the perfect spot for a photo shoot. The tea fields are a beautiful area that I recommend anyone in South Korea go check out. Since it was so far away, we decided it would be worth our time to go overnight.  

A trip to the tea fields wouldn't be complete without trying the green tea ice cream.

Well it didn't take much to convince my wife to let me take her picture. So after deciding on a couple of outfits that would match and we set off. The first set was in the afternoon when we arrived and the other was in the morning the next day.  The second day was a bit more challenging because when we woke up it was drizzling out and just overcast.  But a little rain didn't stop us from going out there and in fact turned out to be some of my favorite photos.  They have more of a moody vibe to them while the other ones are more warm and bright. To get these photos I did a combination of posing and directing to get the movement or look I wanted. It was fun to work with the lines of the tea fields and some of the walking paths to create some different photos.  If you are looking for a photographer in South Korea for an engagement or family session feel free to reach out to me. I'd love to be able to capture your special occasion.